A second-generation family business

More then 40 Years of Quattro Sport – a Success Story


Four sports-mad youngsters; two married couples. Lisbeth and Willy Spaar-Rotzinger and Erika and Jörg-Leo Manetsch-Spaar found Quattro Sport AG in tiny premises in the centre of Engelberg. The keen skiers are also founding members of the “New Ski School” – a different success story. At the start, they even manage to find space for the ski school’s office on the cramped shop floor. But Quattro Sport becomes increasingly successful and soon the shop is too small.


At Residenz Alpenblick, in the heart of the pedestrian zone, a larger and more appealing shop becomes available. The innovative team sees the move as an opportunity to do justice to their product range, which has become larger and more varied.


The young business-owners take a chance on a new expansion. They open a branch of “Swissrent a sport” at a strategically good location, next to the Titlis Cableways car park. It’s the very first rental station in Engelberg.


Unfortunately, Lisbeth Spaar-Rotzinger dies far too young, in Summer 1999. Her death is a great loss for the Quattro Sport Team.


Before the start of the winter season, the “Swissrent Quattro” shop is remodelled and extended. Now customers can not only choose from a larger range of products, but also purchase light refreshments at the coffee bar.


Erika and Leo Manetsch and Lisbeth and Willy Spaar worked passionately to ensure that a visit to their shops is a positive experience for their customers. They’ve done this by offering their customers a high-quality, exclusive and desirable range of products, which are appealingly presented, and also through their personal yet professional customer service.
These values are important to the younger generation too. Since Autumn 2014, Maya Spaar and Sara Manetsch continue to run Quattro Sport AG with commitment, passion and refreshing new ideas.